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About CargoGuard.

CargoGuard GmbH has offered complete Security Solutions in logistics since 2007 – solutions that make themselves indispensable due to their ease of use, highest security standards, and low system costs. Solutions that revolve around the customer’s individual needs and desires.
Whether for cash and valuables transports, logistics, automotive, or the insurance sector; whether for logistic service providers, coordination centers, or manufacturing industries: CargoGuard works closely with the customer to develop customized Security Solution strategies.

Benefit from tomorrow’s Technology today.

CargoGuard’s Security System components (innovative web portal, internet based locking systems, and custom M2M and telematics solutions) only use the very latest technology and offer possibilities to add functionalities. They are future-proof and fulfill highest demands of data security and protection.
Users of the CargoGuard Security System can comfortably observe and analyze, locate and route their valuable transports worldwide and at all times. Access management and control as well as ambient conditions like temperature, humidity, or shock are easily monitored and evaluated – a secure, transparent and efficient solution.
Since January 2017 activities of CargoGuard GmbH were carried out by T&C Systeme GmbH. T&C Systeme GmbH guaranteed continuity of ongoing business. Meanwhile T&C Systeme GmbH is again trading under the name CargoGuard GmbH.

Portable Tracking Solutions.

The modular and portable CorgoCop modules are easily tailored to multiple applications due to their user-friendly design, extreme robustness and flexibility.

Secure Monitoring of Valuables.

The portable Tracking Solutions designed and developed by CargoGuard meet highest quality and security demands. After being tested and certified for quality and security, the modules can easily be configured according to their use case and installed into the Security System CargoLive 3.0.
One major strength of CargoGuard are the flexible settable rules in the CargoCop applications. “Out of rule” events are transmitted in real time to the CargoGuard Security-Server and thus enable event driven monitoring of goods within the CargoGuard web portal CargoLive 3.0. In addition to the rule driven alarm client, the “more than tracking” solution allows a set of multiple sensors for ambient conditions like temperature, humidity, shock, air pressure for monitoring, event driven alarming and quality tracking.
The system is completed by panic buttons to increase the security of staff at risk.

Fixed Tracking Solutions.

CargoGuard’s Security System offers the perfect solution to monitor and control access to trucks and trailers. Tailored to customer needs, the Security Solutions are modularly expandable with numerous sensors and actuators thus providing the opportunity for multiple applications.

Security Guidelines of TAPA.

CargoGuard’s fixed Tracking Solutions do both: while the current position, the security status and ambient conditions of transported cargo is monitored, the integrated intelligent Internet-of-Things-Lock (IoT-Lock) actively controls and regulates the access to trucks and trailers. Customized measurement sensors can be integrated into the system to capture and interpret ambient conditions like temperature, humidity, or light conditions thus helping to guarantee processes for ambient condition control. Any security level can be achieved with Cargo Guard’s Security System including trailers with integrated motion detectors or alarm strips in truck side walls.
With the CargoGuard technology TAPA’s security guidelines can be fulfilled.

Security Container & IoT-Lock.

CargoGuard offers a wide range of intelligent Security Containers in its product line CargoShield. The integrated intelligent locking mechanism as an Internet-of-Things (IoT) application is operated and monitored by the CargoGuard-Web-Portal CargoLive 3.0. These highly robust cases and containers are available from 3,5l to 600l in euro-pallet format sizing.

Highest Security Standard by Internet-of-Things Lock .

According to each application’s requirements, additional sensors can be integrated into the CargoGuard Security System to ensure real time monitoring of the Security Container and its integrity. Additionally, the CargoGuard Security System offers the possibility to actively control activated units within the Security Containers making it possible to trigger different interventions like firing a dye bomb within a money transport.
Based on the high versatility and intuitive handling, the Security Containers can be used in (almost) unlimited fields of applications.

Security Monitoring.

CargoGuard’s cloud based Security Monitoring System, consisting of the CargoGuard Security Server and the CargoGuard Web Portal, is key to CargoGuard’s Security Solution. All information of integrated sensors and actuators are securely and comfortably displayed and monitored on a single platform.

Secure, Technologically Advanced and Globally Accessible Infrastructure.

CargoGuard’s Cloud Solution can be easily installed and operated, it is upgradeable and due to its modular architecture very flexibly deployable. Special attention was devoted to very powerful regulating algorithms making it feasible to display and control complex processes and events.

Besides process control, the cloud based Security Monitoring System allows task management. Integrated units can be actively addressed to trigger various actions. Rules can be set variably and are both time- or place-controllable. Various partners, including external ones, can be integrated into the system. A comprehensive user administration facilitates granting user authorizations and reading rights.
CargoGuard goes above and beyond providing only a secure and technologically advanced infrastructure: our Security System is globally accessible. The CargoGuard Security System can be quickly installed and easily expanded. Where necessary, sensors can be added individually according to customer’s needs. Thus CargoGuard’s Security System is not only highly comfortable but also future-proof.
CargoGuard develops customer-specific intelligent security solutions and ensures security and transparency in logistics.


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